Freedom to explore crypto.

Discover Crypto

Explore Videos, Tutorials and the freedom to play and learn for free is the ultimate key; our gift to you.


Once you learn, or know how to trade; you will get to explore an immersive competitive games based on a timescale, users with the most profit wins (more than one win). Match your skills up to other players and compare notes.

Invite your friends

Theres nothing like enjoying the experience with others, friends, family... those curious minds this is the place. Also earn up to 50% on inviting people into BRANK

BRANK Art Studio
NFT Experience

Coming Soon

Lets go on a journey, to learn how to trade, join classes and most importantly understand NFTs.

Each area in BRANK i.e. classes, learn portfolio and tournaments creates skill points on each trade. These skill points can be then used to upgrade your avatar.

The best part; once they decide to keep the NFT it can be exported to Openseas and stored in your own wallet. Each designed Avatar respects the unique principle of NFTs and can never be made again; even after its exported out to Openseas. Each Avatar/NFT has a usecase giving you further benefits depending how many skill points its cost you.


Tiered benefit process, allowing you to level up and gain more advantages.
- Free Subscription
- Extra Skill Points
- Higher Commission rates
- Free Official Classes

Avatar vs NFT

Avatars are internal NFTs and can be leveled up and traded within an internal ledger. NFTs are external assets and are fixed cannot be leveled up once they are transferred out of BRANK.


BRANK is a growing ecosystem for cryptocurrency traders. Its a place where people can learn to trade. Being in an environment that gives room for failure.

Where people can interact with other traders; talk strategy, coins, projects, trade against each other in tournaments, and most importantly providing the tools for crypto mentors.

As BRANK is simulated this creates a completely risk free environment. How, no trading capital is used to place trades or learn from.

We have opened the doors to mentors to provide BRANK to their userbase. Allowing them to increase their retention using the BRANK Licence tools.


BRANK has a collection of tools inviting you into lessons and gaming at different levels, even being able to own assets

Everything in BRANK is simulated, the Academy, the Tournaments and the BRANK Licence.

BRANK Academy

Launch yourself into an academy designed around simulated crypto to make you win, understand graphs, indicators and most importantly how to make the next move.

BRANK Tournaments

Having the opportunity to play in a tournament and enjoy!

BRANK Licence

Everyone can use BRANK even mentors who already run academies. Use BRANK to provide simulated trading and earn more by user retention.


Owning the experience, from making your Avatar/NFT using your skill points to earning the perks that go with it. Giving you an even more thrilling experience.

[BRANK] Token

The BRANK token is considered a utility due to its single use and the ability to redeem it only within BRANK. The token itself cannot be bought anywhere else other than Pancakeswap its only 10-50cents per transaction making it a high volume token.

The token started its life at 0.006$ each and is currently priced at 0.06$ (3rd Jan 2022) resulting in a 10x price increase.

We are expecting the token to reach around 2-5$ which would be its prime area once we are fully established.


1% Token Distribution, 1% into Liquidity, 1% BRANK Wallet

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