Freedom to explore crypto.

Freedom to explore crypto.

Freedom to explore crypto.

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Learn w/BRANK and EARN

BRANK is one of the few applications in the crypto space that will teach you for free at the same time as allow you to earn in the process. How do we do this, while you learn to trade you receive BRT tokens for every good or bad trade.

aka, Learn and EARN at no cost to you.

Simulated Trade Volume


Average Win Rate

Million BRT

Rewarded for participation

  • ANKR
  • Binance
  • BRANK Innovation
  • BRANK Innovation

Tokens within BRANK

Simulation within the learn portfolio and the tournaments uses tokens from Binance giving you a real world trading experience with real token movements.


One of the most influential parts of BRANK is being able to see how you match against other traders. Sign up, join one of the amazing tournaments below to show people how you trade.

Build your confidence in trading crypto

With BRANK you'll be given the unique opportunity to not only trade with simulated crypto but to have depth knowledge around financial literacy. The best practices around investment options both long and short term.

Learn to trade

Comprehensive learning experiences with our feature rich simulated learning experience. It's simulated....using real world currencies based off tokens in Binance. BRANK Tourmanets

Collect Rewards

Every page you visit, every simulated trade you make will earn you rewards.The BRANK Reward Token.

Grow Rewards

A system is never complete without giving you the opportunity to earn more rewards for free, even while you sleep. BRANK Silo


Zero quibble withdrawal, its either in the ledger, or your external wallet, your crypto! BRANK Wallet

I focus on solving real world problems. To build a safe place that will help make your experience in crypto smoother and more rewarding.

Daniel Noormohamed - Founder, BRANK Limited.

Our goals at BRANK is to help you learn to trade.

We provide you with tools to excel into areas you thought were not possible. Being able to test and understand strategies.

All trading data and pairs are based on Binance; you can trade to maximise your bitcoin, ethereum or your USD dollars, whatever you want.

Ever wanted to find out how you competed against others.

In BRANK, you can play against your friends, play against the community and share your knowledge.

Sharing your ideas and strategies allows others to expand their knowledge and find a place they feel is suited to them.

Free Tournaments | Premium Tournaments

At BRANK we value our users providing no quibble exit strategy.

Using the BRT token allows you to roam freely within the BRANK ecosystem you will never be stuck trying to withdraw, you will never need permission to withdraw, and your funds will never be held.

Being able to earn and retain BRT at absolutely no cost puts the BRANK in a powerful spot.