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So you're an affiliate, we provide massive support for our affiliates to ensure they have a smooth journey in BRANK, from providing you with a link to sending your payouts automatically.

What does this mean? You're able to focus on getting people joining brank who can learn, play and compete without the risk of their capital being lost. We have Learn Portfolios, Tournaments and finally courses which are coming soon. We also have dedicated areas for Kids and Women who want to enter crypto giving your downline peace of mind when learning to trade.

Who are we... BRANK, PLAY. LEARN. EARN

What is it like to have peace of mind.

At BRANK we believe that things should be automated, smooth flowing and provide us with the most effective workflow

Why? so we can spend more time building awesome stuff and less time trying to figure out human error.

Earn up to 50% of the on what the end user earns on every trade.

An intelligent earn dashboard its like a thing from the future.

In BRANK we track everything including every trade a user does. As part of your earn dashboard you gain visibility into each trade any given user does.

When earning commission your rewards available immediately giving you more superior control.

At BRANK want to maximise the utility of the Token

We provide you with an option to receive your payout via BRTs tokens. This gives you an opportunity to have greater involvement in the growth and economy of BRANK

This helps us put emphasis on true utility in BRANK as well as introducing greater liquidity and volume on the token.